Here are just a few examples of Workers' Compensation cases we have successfully handled for our clients:

“Arturo” was a laborer who sustained a severe spine injury when an “A Frame” fell on him.  The insurance company refused to provide him with much of what he needed to live a normal life.  After several years of litigation and negotiation, the case settled for more than 1.6 million dollars (specifically $1,606,165.00).

“Jim” was a driver/loader for United Parcel Services (UPS).  While loading a truck, he struck his toe.  What was first thought to be a minor injury developed into a severe nerve condition that eventually affected his spine and arms.  After several years of hard fought litigation, the insurance company settled for almost 1.2 million dollars (specifically $1,118,000.00).  

“Tim” was a Local 549 Boilermaker (Pittsburg). Due to many years of heavy work in refineries, Tim suffered pain in his hip, spine and elsewhere. After several mediations, the case settled for $659,037.14.

“Sal” was a Local 70 Teamster (Oakland). Sal was a heavy truck mechanic and suffered injuries to his hips and lower back as well as dental injuries due to his medications. Sal's case settled for $410,000.00.

“Val” was an emergency room nurse who suffered a hernia while moving a patient. The attorney that Val initially attempted to hire believed that the case was only worth five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) and refused to take it. Val then hired Craig W. Morrison who was able to prove that Val's hernia surgery was botched and had resulted in additional injuries. The case settled for $950,000.00. 

“Juan” was a Local 433 Ironworker (Los Angeles).  Due to years in the trade, he sustained “cumulative trauma” injuries to his spine, knees and shoulders.  The insurance company denied the case.  Before trial, the insurance company offered $75,000.00 to settle (as part of the settlement, the insurance company demanded that Juan give up his right to future medical care). The trial Judge awarded Juan one hundred percent (100%) disability and lifetime medical care for his injuries.  As a result, Juan will receive approximately $24,000.00 per year for the rest of his life (equaling almost $450,000.00 over his life expectancy along with full medical care for his injuries).

“Chief” was a Local 377 Ironworker (San Francisco) who suffered a stroke while climbing a ladder on the Carquinez Bridge during the retrofit project.  The insurance company denied the claim and refused to provide benefits of any kind.  Although the insurance company initially offered only $50,000.00 to settle, the case settled for $320,000.00 just before trial. 

“Gonzalez” was a laborer working in the Sacramento area.  He injured his spine while lifting, and also suffered depression.  After many years in litigation, the matter went to trial at the Sacramento Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board.  Although the insurance company demanded that Gonzalez give up his right to future medical care- and offered a total settlement of only $90,000.00, we absolutely refused to do so since Gonzalez had no other insurance.  The Judge awarded him 100% disability despite his young age.  As a result, Gonzalez will receive almost $22,500 per year for the rest of his life (equaling more than $600,000 over his life expectancy) along with full medical care for his injuries.


Disclaimer:  The above results are for your information only.  Because every case is different, there is no guarantee of any specific monetary recovery or trial result.


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