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The Law Office of Craig W. Morrison, A Professional Corporation, believes in the following principles in the handling of our clients' cases: (a) zealous advocacy (and willingness to fight) for our clients in order to obtain every possible benefit available under the workers' compensation system; (b) willingness to take any case to trial if the insurance company's settlement offer is inadequate; (c) we do not abandon clients once their case has settled with open medical care (as many firms do) — we are here should problems arise in the future; (d) ethical, honest representation.


Many firms employ non-attorney “paralegals” or non-attorney “hearing representatives” to handle cases (and make strategic decisions regarding them) on a day-to-day basis.  Some clients of other firms never even meet or talk to the actual attorney handling their case.  The Law Office of Craig W. Morrison does not employ such people. Mr. Morrison alone handles all cases- and makes all decisions regarding them- from the beginning to the end.


We have heard horror stories about attorneys who are very eager to “settle quickly” in order to avoid going to trial.  In doing so, they urge their clients to “compromise” and “split the difference” with the insurance company. These attorneys do so in order to make money on your case as soon as possible- and close your case- so they can quickly move onto other cases.  We consider ourselves to be “trial attorneys” within the workers' compensation system.  We go to trial and prevail regularly. Insurance companies will pay top dollar on a case only if they truly believe that the opposing attorney is serious about doing so.  Please see the Success Stories portion of this website to see some examples of our trial work.


We have heard even more horror stories from clients of other law firms who have been pressured into “giving up” their future medical care in exchange for money (which, not coincidentally, results in a larger attorney fee.). When the money runs out, where do you go? We strongly believe that by handling cases in an ethical way “we do well by doing good”.  We will never tell you how to settle your case.  We work for the client- you are the boss.


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